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At Injelwa you will get the best quality of workwear, nurses uniforms, graduation apparel, uniforms, and so on. You will get all varieties of products. We are specialists in the manufacturing of all styles of Uniforms and Workwear.Our manufacturing facilities are situated in Zambia. We comprehend the necessities of shoppers and endeavor to serve them with the necessary quality, in the given period. We comprehend that time and quality are the substances of long business connections.Injelwa has a group of experienced administration, quality affirmation, and backing staff. Our main power norms for quality have empowered us to develop constantly.Injelwa focuses on customer needs and facilities. We work for customer comfort products. We work with the best fabrics for customer satisfaction.

Injelwa Products

Our uniform and work-wear creations use a scope of both essential and cutting edge textures. Textures, for example, Polyester Cotton Twills, Ripstop, 100 % Cotton and Blended Drills, FR treated textures, Anti-static textures, UPF 50 appraised textures are a portion of the textures accessible as choices for end clients.Injelwa provides so many varieties of products like- workwear, nurses uniforms, Automotive Workwear, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industry Garments and so many thingselement elementor-element-b85935f elementor-widget elementor-widget-text-editor” data-id=”b85935f” data-element_type=”widget” data-widget_type=”text-editor.default”>

Nurses Uniforms

With regards to putting on a nursing uniform, there are a few contemplations that should be made. Having a legitimate uniform for your work environment can offer many key advantages.

Nursing uniforms are likewise made utilizing disease control agreeable materials to limit the danger of cross defilement. These parts of nursing outfits ensure that staff will consistently be prepared to confront the following day’s worth of effort with a flawless uniform, prepared for everything the day can toss at it.

Injelwa provides many facilities. Here you will get the best quality of nursing uniforms. You feel comfortable to wear this dress.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are an incredible group building asset for your staff, and they can improve generally client assistance just as brand mindfulness. Injelwa makes it simple for purchasers to find representatives in a group, eliminating reaction time.

School uniform is a similar arrangement of garments that each understudy of the school wears when he/she prepares for school. Each school has its arrangements for school regalia, it tends to be at least one it. The school dress of each school shifts from the other school as it is one of the approaches to recognize the kids as per their garments. It is anything but difficult to perceive which youngster is concentrating on which school as indicated by their outfits.

Code dress of students is essential since understudies must know the significance of balance as it encourages them to see each individual is equivalent and not above or underneath anybody. If we see not wearing similar sorts of garments can draw out a feeling of inadequacy in them since every one of them come from various monetary foundations. Let us talk about the significance of school uniforms.

The student dress code is very important to identify schools and students. It’s also important to prove their rules, regulation, and identification. Injelwa provides any types or design of school uniforms.


Injelwa Is one of the best online shops in Zambia. Injelwa provided top-quality regalia into the Healthcare, Beauty, Hospitality, Catering, Workwear, Sportswear, Chef’s wear, and Leisurewear businesses to different organizations in Zambia. You will easily get all kinds of local manufacturers for workwear, nurses uniforms, graduation school uniforms, and others. You will get a variety of colors, customized designs, and so many facilities.